How Safe is Vaping Really?   Healthy or Unhealthy that is the question?

There have been several debates around the safety of vaping and there continues to be a few claims that vaping is unhealthy and detrimental to your health. Let’s address some of these misconceptions and how to vape safely.

In over a decade there have been no reports of vaping resulting in health issues however in the last few months reports of illness and even death have surfaced.  The reason for this is the introduction of black-market e-liquid that contains a contaminate called Vitamin E Acetate. This contaminate is an oil and cannot be vaped as all e-liquid is water soluble and its common knowledge that water and oil do not mix.   When inhaled, this oil coats the lungs making it difficult to breathe.

Always buy e-liquid from a registered provider who sells e-liquid manufactured in a lab. Spartan Vapes e-liquid is created, bottled and labelled in an ISO 7 certified lab.

There is ongoing debate about e-liquid containing anti-freeze. This has come about as one of the main ingredients in e-liquid is propylene glycol which is found in some types of anti-freeze. PG is not toxic and is an ingredient in a few household items as well as food and drinks.

Components and what exactly are in e-liquids has also been the topic of much debate. E-liquid contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine which is the base for you e-liquid and flavourings. In addition, some e-liquids contain nicotine. At Spartan Vapes we create our e-liquid from scratch using globally sourced ingredients, therefore understanding what is in e-liquid and the associated levels of toxicity.

Exploding vapes has also made the headlines as safety issues with vaping. Most devices use 18650 batteries and like with laptops and even electric cars these batteries are prone to overheating. Proper battery care is important when handling a device. Most devices have safety features built in these days to prevent anything from happening.

Second-hand vapor being toxic is probably the misconception that gets the most talk time. Numerous studies indicate that vaping is 90% cleaner than a traditional cigarette. In addition, vapour has been repeatedly tested for harmful pollutants with results indicating that it contained approximately the same amount of milligrams of potential harmful pollutants as ambient air.

Vaping is widely agreed based on studies as 90% less harmful than smoking tobacco. It’s important to be mindful when vaping as well as choosing e-liquids.

** Please note all blog posts are for information purposes only and solely based on the opinion and experience of Spartan Vapes members and we do not make any health claims or give medical advice **

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